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大班英语教案:Review units

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  Teaching  Plan

  Teaching  aims:

  to  review: number  color  stationery  body teaching  aids:color paper  atlas process:

  T:Today,we’re going to have a revision class. Now, are you ready?

  Ⅰ.warming  up.

  Song: A B C song

  T:let’s sing the “ABC sing”,o.k? The whole class,ready?


  Ⅱ.Daily  talk.

  T: let’s have a daily talk!

  Ⅲ.game: Draw lots.(一)

  T:there are so many piece of paper in this box. You can choose one and tell me what color is it. then open and read the numb. on  it. I will help you to count it.

  Ⅳ.review three chants.

  T:let’s have a rest!

  1.   two little black birds

  2.   at the farm

  3.   clap your hands

  Ⅴ. Game: Draw lots.(二)

  Ⅵ.review two songs

  1.   ten little fingers.

  T:how many fingers do you have?let’s count. ……

  Let’s sing the song ten little fingers.

  2.   walking walking

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